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  1. ok cool. I was experimenting around with it which is how i found out how it happened. Hoping that isn't going to be a long lasting issue. ty mage.
  2. I figured out what's going on. All the s+ structures aren't supported under ORP. Regular pieces are, but everything i have is s+. I don't do that logging crap when someone attacks me. but yeah. ORP doesn't cover s+ anything. I've had my ORP all this time, and other people have had the same problem
  3. Isn't offline raiding against the rules? Mine and several others were hit, and I've been offline for a few days, since i work and whatnot
  4. I make a copy of my server every time I add a new mod and configure it
  5. I will say i had it running on my personal server with 32 mods running concurrently and I had no issues, and this was back in November. If you want to test it out, you could copy the server files and load it in as a test to see if it works. It seems to have a conflict with certain mods, my guess is with how many objects there is to work with, it could potentially be matching an object id on certain other mods. If you'd like, i can post my old mod list for your perusal. I had all mods working with the exception of the issues i had occasionally with the bush people mods
  6. Mostly what i was looking at with the storage mod was more appearance variety, not as much capacity-wise. Not a big deal though, i just like having more creative tools at my disposal, but that is what i have my personal server for
  7. Agreed on crafting speed, but it's also good to note that it only affects custom food and drink recipe crafting, and although the values get exponentially high, the rate of recovery never increases. so spamming a bunch of food versus 1 superfood won't make you heal faster, just longer. less spam clicking i guess Also, yes fortitude increase should definitely be higher, and i think 5 is a pretty good number. Torpor effects are just way too op, and there's not much in the way of countering it. it's pretty much almost a waste to invest in fortitude since you're going down anyways in no time flat, so the level-ups are better vested in more utility.
  8. not sure about your question, but the objects are destructible, and they don't have a lot of hp. they aren't harvest items either
  9. That sounds promising
  10. I do like those, but they're mostly dock themed if you know what i mean. It's just a thought though. Love the server so far btw
  11. I would like to recommend this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=544598236&searchtext=planting It's just aesthetic, but those who want to get creative with natural looks could have fun with this. Thanks for having me on the server! edit: this screen is from the mod page
  12. I'm a big fan of adding numero quatro in particular, as more aesthetic diversity could make things a lot nicer.