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  1. Thanks for considering suggestions. Here's an update I have for you. Craft speed is now 40% per which is nice, but Fortitude (torp?) is still the default 2 per. I'm not sure it changed at all. Can you make sure mature rate is actually x25? I think that would be a good rate, but right now I think it is only x15 like the webpage says. And maybe consider putting the Egg/Poop collector back in, it helps a lot.
  2. Oh and crafting speed only went up 10% when I put a point in, so it doesn't seem like x2 right now. I would like to see this at least 50% per point, probably more. It's hard to justify putting points in it otherwise, since most things are made on crafting stations anyways (which ignores your crafting stat). I also wouldn't mind baby maturation speed be raised a bit more, since it took like 2 hours to raise a wolf and that felt pretty damn long for such a small thing. You could leave egg hatch speed where it is now though if you are worried about people raising too many giga/quetz/wyverns. So what I'm saying is that mammals aren't very strong so I think the baby speed for them could be raised, but maybe not for eggs.
  3. Unless I'm forgetting something, there's no dinos that actually pick up eggs/poop automatically. Oviraptors only do it when you whistle target an egg, and dung beetles don't pick up poops (you must manually place it in them). That's why I like the mod. I did not know about the bow's grappling hooks since I'm not high enough level. I will check it out though. Melee on bow damage. Unless this is a server setting or mod, I've never seen this affect shot damage. I've had 300%+ melee on some servers and never noticed a difference on tranq shots. If I am wrong though, that would really change how I think about stat allocation. Thanks for the quick reply
  4. New to the server but would like to make some suggestions based on my experience on other servers. 1. Mods 1a. Meat Spoiler - You have this on your mod list, but I don't see it in game. This is a very good mod because splitting meat into hundreds of individual stacks and waiting 10mins is the worst thing ever. 2a. Egg N Poop Collector - Please add this so I don't have to sit at my base picking up turds and eggs all the time. 3a. Reusable Plus - Really nice mod because otherwise I have to carry full stacks of these around everywhere. The reusable spear helps people get started early game, and the grapple is nice when I'm building a large base. 4a. A different stacking mod - I don't think the current mod has big enough stacks for a x10 (x5 *2) gather server. I don't mind the weights being the same, but 500 is not enough for things like metal, stone, wood. They should be at least 1000, or probably 5000 for some things. It just wastes space to be any less. Ammo could also use larger stacks. I know changing the stack mod will remove everyone's materials, but there was a recent wipe so maybe it's better now then never. 2. Stats 2a. Crafting speed - Make this x10-x100. I want to be able to put 1 point in this and get really good speed so I don't have to wait forever to make arrows, stone walls, etc. Really helps new players. 2b. Fortitude - Double to 4 per point because getting KO'd is way too easy. 2c. Melee - Maybe go to 7.5-10% per. Dinos are really high level here, and it doesn't affect PvP that much since we use guns/bows. Also helps us gather faster. 3. Maybe add S+ and the wipe date to your server title. People look for these things when finding a new server. It might make more people join. 4. Change your http://rules.dinofight.club link to go to your steam page or make the rules webpage on your site public. I could not see it without making an account here.