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  1. Hi there, guys! My name is Chris and I represent the Life Is Feudal Team. Now we are working on the unique game in its kind, called “Life is Feudal: MMO”. If you have already heard something about us, you should probably know that it is a real MMORPG in a medieval setting. It has all the features of a hardcore medieval sandbox: fully changing world, unique crafting and building system, political relations between guilds, epic sieges, glorious battles and much more. It's a massive, realistic and group-focused multiplayer sandbox and a medieval life experience. Now the game is on the Closed Beta Tests (CBT) stage and has limited access, but after the release each server will be open for more than 10,000 players! We will be delighted to see you guys among the participants of our upcoming Beta testrun. If you're interested, please, shoot us an e-mail on always-reply@lifeisfeudal.com Cheers!