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[RG] Spammking

Server Suggestions

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Hello there my name is Spam i have played on this server for a few days now i have seen some of the suggestions and it seems very good with some of them so far i have a few myself

1.  i have seen that conan asked for the reusable items https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=693416678 this i find is very useful i understand that you have the reuasable grappling hook at level 85 but for me when im trying to get a quetz i find it hard for the first time because i use the parachutes to shoot them midair but i cant if i cant hold more than 20 because of my weight i also like a few of the ideas that come with the mod too with the spear etc

2. another mod i would suggest is called seven 's forge kits https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=640022028 it is an amazing mod that helps people to gain a smaller industrial forge it is amazing and helpful it isnt easy to make so it is a later game item that an early one but it makes it easier it also speeds up the forge timer by 10% then 30% and max is 50% i think this is amazing and helpful

3. this mod i find is amazing it will be super helpful on this server with the dino levels being so high it is the seven's tranq kit https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=640035309 i have used this it is very expensive stuff to make but it is amazing with the use of the extra tranq and stuff you get this mod is amazing and i would hight recommend adding it to the server

4. this mod is just a small one that i like it is a storage mod that just adds in different smaller and bigger storage ideas i like it there are wall safes and stuff and they are easy to break into and also not to hard to make i find it amazing https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=632097668

5. this one is just a mod i enjoy and love the look of i mean some bits should be removed like the item called the jumper in the mod that should be removed but apart from that this mod is amazing for getting around the map and making life on the server a LOT easier it is the stargate mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=609380111 it is hard to make some of the stuff and it is very fun to use when needing to get from the lava island to the redwood it is basically a teleporter this is a mod i would like to recommend it probably wont be added because it is a bit crazy and could create some lag but it would be nice to be seen added in 


Thank you for your time and i hope some of this mods get added in this would be nice

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1 hour ago, teebo1113 said:

I'm a big fan of adding numero quatro in particular, as more aesthetic diversity could make things a lot nicer. 

What about all the storage options from advanced rafts?

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Storage Item Improvements: We already have them, look in the Acutus Items. also, will add more as time passes, such as wall mounted stuff.

Infinite Parachutes: Bad for PVP due to para spamming so probably not an option. Quetz should be hard to catch first time around. Part of the game to work your way up.

Infinite Spears: Although nice and I agree makes life easy at start, is quickly useless.

Infinite Grappling: Have it and making sure it's not easy to get. I will note that our server wishes to make it difficult to use gear that is daily life / grinding improved. That siad, as you grow in power, it should be that the smaller grindy stuff should phase out for other tribe needs.

Torp Gun Mod: Used it before, it's hugely unbalanced in PVP. I mean super unbalanced! We added our own version of it instead and the paralyzer darts are also an alternative that ARK added. That mod is rediculous! I admit it was a lot of fun but also complete BS for PVP. Our tribe took alpha in no time due to insta knockouts at extreme range with tranq auto sniper! Seriously that mod has an option for 600 torpor damage for the auto sniper!?!?!?

Mini Forges: Honestly, that's a good idea. I find the forge to be just way too bug and having one at a more realistic size would not be a huge problem for PVP. I will discuss with Mage concerning adding a more compact version. Bar in mind, pull resources would not work with it. :/

Stargate Mod: So I am mixed on this one. I really want to have it... eventually. I will explain. (Had the pleasure of using this on other PVP/PVE servers).

- PRO: Mod actually does not cause lag and use of the portals has no effect on the server. Only lag people experience with it is due to their own game rendering in the area. So performance wise it's awesome. I am actually impressed with the guys who made this one. They really knew what they were doing.

- PRO: Really fun way to get around and makes your base excellent with the smaller teleporters. The mod also allows that all gates are publicly used (a must for PVP), and the gate shileds can be blocked from crafting (also a must for PVP) which makes creatign these beneficial to all but risky if you stick one in your base.

- PRO: From my own expeirence on PVP servers, this made for some really interesting PVP strategies. Gate raiding, etc.

- CON (the big problem that makes this un-acceptable): Currently there are quite a few exploits that can be used to get into enemy bases which makes this mod horrible for PVP. Constant admin rule enforcement was necessary to ensure fair play and it was a really big problem. the devs of this mod are working on these exploits to make it more PVP friendly. Until then I think this mod is out of the question. I pay attention to this one though and if they manage to fix some of the key issues you can be sure I will be the first one to start begging for this one! lol


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Mostly what i was looking at with the storage mod was more appearance variety, not as much capacity-wise. Not a big deal though, i just like having more creative tools at my disposal, but that is what i have my personal server for xD 

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