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Garden of Salvation (GoS) recommended loadouts by encounter

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1st encounter

(overload rounds, void shields, all ranges at play)

kinetic: sniper, pulse rifle, scout rifle

energy: void auto rifle or smg -or-

kinetic: auto rifle, smg

energy: void fusion rifle

heavy: grenade, machine gun, sniper, linear fusion

2nd encounter

(anti-barrier rounds, void shields, short-mid range)

Same as above, switch overload -> anti-barrier

3rd encounter

(void shields, short-mid range)

Changes from previous:

Sniper rifle for boss dps, will make it easier on you

Grenade Launcher is also acceptable

4th encounter

(void shields, all ranges)

Same as previous:

Add clearing weapon - auto rifle, smg, machine gun

Priority target killer - grenade launcher, sniper, fusion rifle

Boss dps - sniper rifle, grenade launcher

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