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  2. Server Name: SWGaming |A18|PvP|300% XP|200% LOOT IP: Map: Custom map! Silent Warriors Valley 10K Map Made with Nitorgen and Compo Pack Rates.... 300% XP 200% loot Warrior difficulty 90 min days 7 day loot respawn 14 days offline to loose landclaim Landclaims are invulnerable when offline
  3. Beginning November 19 An urgent message from Almorra Soulkeeper summons you deeper into the Far Shiverpeaks, where you and your allies must stand together against the storm. But the howling wind can make any light flicker, and the cold eats at every heart. In this desolation, the voice that rings truest is the one inside you. New Map: Bjora Marches A lonely land swept by blizzards and infested with creeping terrors. Jora’s Keep may be the only refuge from the storm—if it can stand. New Masteries: Raven Attunement Bond with swift and clever Raven, a Spirit of the Wild, and use his blessing to open locks, pass through gates, and shield yourself with his light. New Masteries: Essence Manipulation Learn to collect the essences of resilience, valor, and vigilance, then target enemies’ weaknesses and hit them where it hurts. Weekly Rotating Strike Missions Test your strength in three strike mission encounters against legendary Fallen, Aberrant, and Svanir abominations. Upgradeable Ancient Boreal Weapons Restore this tarnished and timeworn armory to its former glory. Screenshots
  4. 1st encounter (overload rounds, void shields, all ranges at play) kinetic: sniper, pulse rifle, scout rifle energy: void auto rifle or smg -or- kinetic: auto rifle, smg energy: void fusion rifle heavy: grenade, machine gun, sniper, linear fusion 2nd encounter (anti-barrier rounds, void shields, short-mid range) Same as above, switch overload -> anti-barrier 3rd encounter (void shields, short-mid range) Changes from previous: Sniper rifle for boss dps, will make it easier on you Grenade Launcher is also acceptable 4th encounter (void shields, all ranges) Same as previous: Add clearing weapon - auto rifle, smg, machine gun Priority target killer - grenade launcher, sniper, fusion rifle Boss dps - sniper rifle, grenade launcher
  5. FCS Discord is where our support ticket system is for the ARK servers. https://discord.gg/DVsTku2
  6. -DISCLAIMER- The rules are subject to change as needed, we will do our best to ensure that changes are communicated to the community but it is up to the player to make sure they have read and abide by the rules. Not knowing them is not an excuse. Failure to abide by the rules can result in the removal of your structures, creatures, items or banning of your account from the servers. Admins reserve the right to immediately suspend player accounts as they deem fit. Action taken is at the sole and absolute discretion of the Admins. Players may not be given a warning first before action is taken. -HACKING/EXPLOITING- FCS has a ZERO tollerance for hacking/Exploiting on our servers. Under no circumstances should you allow hackers/exploiters to join your tribe, alliance, or team up alongside you within the game. It is your responsibility to remove them or yourself from the tribe or possibly suffer the same fate as they will. Report suspected hackers/exploiters via our ticket system. -GRIEFING- Griefing is a very subjective topic, and so will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. While this is a PvP Server there are behaviors that can hurt the server and it’s population and will result in your removal from the server, some but not all of them are listed below. Insiding: All tribe structures, items and creatures belong to the tribe owner. Intentionally blocking the world spawn points with structures, turrets or aggressive creatures ”Hot swapping” or removing and readding the same player to mask your attacks or circumvent rules Attempting to circumvent the tribe member limit. Changing Tribe names prior to, or after raiding in order to hide. Tribe names must remain consistent across the cluster. Excessive attacks against smaller/new tribes/players that lead to a negative impact on the servers Building around another tribes base for the sole purpose of preventing another tribe from expanding, will not be tolerated -BUILDING RESTRICTIONS- All taming structures and/or pens MUST be unlocked for public use, or destroyed after use. (If repeat violations are found other actions may be taken by Admin) Do not block artifacts or cave drops. Bases built in caves must allow safe access to these items. Do not block access to the obelisks terminal, boss terminals or any of the surface entrances on Aberration with structures, turrets or unattended aggressive creatures. Structure spamming is not allowed unless within the vicinity of your own base for defensive purposes. (Sound judgement should be used in this case as too excessive will be fixed by Admin intervention) No building in crouch caves and pearl caves (Your structures/tames will be removed by an admin and not returned) -CODE OF CONDUCT- If a staff member asks you to discontinue a certain behavior, please stop. Otherwise you will be subjected to punishment, or removed from Servers/Discord. Hackusations/Accusations are to be reported to the staff via a support ticket, they are not allowed to be broadcast publicly, in either game or discord. This includes accusations against the admins, and or staff Do not use language which is unlawful, harmful, abusive, harassing, defamatory, hateful, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically or otherwise extensively offensive in our Discord or servers Do not post personal information about yourself or others Do not spam in the server chat or Discord Do not promote other ARK servers in our servers or Discord Respect our staff, they are unpaid members of the community who put their own time into the game to help others. Disrespect will not be tolerated when dealing with them on an official matter. Do not discuss or participate in scamming, hacking or exploits in our servers or Discord. Player/Discord/Tribe names may not contain vulgar, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive words Do not impersonate any staff member for any reason on Discord or in-game Follow all of WildCards CoC as well https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/code-of-conduct/ -SUPPORT TICKETS- Support tickets should only be opened for the following reasons... Tribe leader transfer due to an error or missing tribe owner A player or tribe is suspected of being in violation of any of the rules Raid CD requests after sustaining sufficient damage due to a raid (determined by staff on a case by case basis) Support tickets should not be opened for... Lost creatures or items. Players or any creatures caught under the mesh. Lost structures due to Auto-Decay or PvP. General Questions. (We have a #ark-chat discord channel) Technical Support. (See line above) Server crashes. -RAID CD- Raid CDs are to help tribes and players to recover after experiencing excessive amounts of structure damage due to a raid and are granted on a case by case basis, there are pre-reqs and some of them are listed below... A support ticket must be opened within 24hrs of the raid with the map, location, tribe-log, and pictures of the damage. A base has to be damaged to inoperative levels due to PvP. If you have multiple bases around the map you may not be considered for a raid CD (Raid CD is to get back on your feet after your base is raided not to protect your multiple structures around the map) Tribes under raid CD are not allowed to raid or destroy any other tribes structures across all maps, but any other forms of PvP are acceptable Combat logging during a raid for any reason can result in loosing/lowering your raid CD timer. Breaking the rules of the raid CD will get your CD removed early as well as possible other administrative actions. -TAME ARMOR- In the interest of fair PvP we do not allow "tank" dinos. As in no fully encasing tames in walls/foundations/ect. The front and rear of the tame needs to be fully open to attack.
  7. Server information for current Fight Club Servers Name: FCS 5XP 5H 7T[S+][Stack][ORP][Flyers][Rewards] 11/8 NEW IP to add to Steam: Steam Connect: steam://connect/ MODS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1291908399 Donate: http://shopdfc.tebex.io/ Vote: https://ark-servers.net/server/199826/vote/ https://toparkservers.com/server/125777576/vote https://arkservers.net/server/ https://www.trackyserver.com/server/4-26-fcs-ragnarok-5xp-10t-5g-s-257393 RATES Players in tribe - 10 Supply crate loot quality - 1.2 XP - 5 + Water/food drain - 0.5 Player weight - 3 Player fortitude - 2 Player Stam - 2 Dinos per tribe - 400 Saddle structure cost - 5 Flying stam recovery - true Tame weight - 5 Mating interval - 0.9 Egg hatch - 15 Baby Mature - 15 Allow anyone imprint - true Cuddle interval - 0.25 Taming speed - 7 Harvest - 5 Corpse decomp - 2 Disable structure collision - true Structure resist - 0.8 Structure damage - 1.5 Force structure locking - true Passive defenses dmg riderless - true Max tribe logs - 300 (100 default) ORP Enabled
  8. Magesw


    Northgard's free update is out!
  9. Next lineup in the PVZ franchise, if you liked Garden Warfare this is pretty much GW3, new characters added, new areas, quests, collections, ect. Lots of fun and if you have Origin Premier you get to play free! https://www.ea.com/games/plants-vs-zombies/plants-vs-zombies-battle-for-neighborville/about
  10. We now have a RL Craft server up! https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/rlcraft IP: ~Permissions! Can now use /tpa, /home, /sethome, ect. ~New protection system! Now using GriefPrevention So put down a chest and then use golden shovel to expand your claim. ~Economy system As you play you gain SWCoins which are used to buy more claim land blocks via /buylandclaimblocks <#> Use /balance to see the amount of coins you have, each block is 1 coin. (there will be/are other ways to get coins as well) ~ClearMobs added Currently set to every 15 mins it will clear mobs from the server to ensure we are not being overpopulated and bringing down server performance. Vote: https://minecraft-mp.com/server-s236172 https://topminecraftservers.org/server/9316 https://minecraftlist.org/vote/14254 https://minecraftservers.org/server/566468 Donate: http://shopdfcmc.tebex.io/ This is a very challenging server to play on! YOU WILL DIE!
  11. Magesw

    Destiny 2

    Since Destiny 2 is now on Steam who is going to play it again or try it now that it's F2P? Our Clan has moved over from when it was on Blizzard and there are a few playing it again already. If interested let me know I can get you into the clan. https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2597931 https://www.swgaming.com/forums/index.php?/clubs/5-destiny-2/
  12. Magesw


    Terraria is a fun little side scroll survival game.
  13. Monthly  Donation to support Silent Warriors


  14. If it became a reality my guess would be it will look like the FF14 market or Steam Trading cards. Everyone undercuts the fuck out of each other so they can sell the old games until finally you can basically buy anything you want for pennies.
  15. I am interested in seeing how it goes though. I have a few games I would sell. lol
  16. I see this going one of two ways. Either Steam wins on appeal or they pull out of the French market along. It would also push the industry much faster into the SaaS territory they've been masturbating over for a while now.
  17. A French court has made a monumental ruling with regards to the legality of preventing users from reselling legitimately purchased digital games on Valve’s PC gaming storefront. The court states that players should be able to SELL STEAM GAMES which they’ve bought, rescinding ownership in the process just like with a physical media video game. Released court documents, translated from French to English and viewable here, state that the reselling of digital entertainment licenses is not prohibited on any legal grounds. In fact, the process would be supported as it is with physical products due to the fact that “the author no longer has control over subsequent resales” once they’ve exhausted their right to the material by authorizing the initial sale. It’s said that only the “interplay of contractual provisions” — the Steam subscription agreement, in this instance — stand in the way of Steam users being able to resell their games, and this is insufficient when as of 2012 European law has dictated that even rightful claimants (Valve) are “prohibited from opposing the resale of software.” To further clarify, that’s “including [software acquired] by downloading.” At this early stage, it’s unclear as to whether or not this court ruling will ultimately lead to PC gamers being able to SELL STEAM GAMES from their libraries. As pointed out by games journalist Ryan Brown on Twitter (see below), however, this notion has the potential to be “huge.” As Brown points out, with enough pressure applied to companies regarding this point, the industry could see widespread changes as we welcome the next generation of gaming platforms and their likely stronger leaning towards an all-digital future. He also raises a good point about game preservation, as more and more digital delistings are making games vanish from sight, often without any physical means of subsequently securing them. Source: https://www.gamerevolution.com/news/598261-resell-steam-games-valve-france#jr24CUGk32GM15jY.99
  18. The prologue episode to The Icebrood Saga, “Bound by Blood,” is now live! Players who own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire can join the fight to save Tyria in an all-new Living World story. The Icebrood Saga begins shortly after the defeat of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik and will take players to the Far Shiverpeaks and the Blood Legion Homelands as the norn and the charr fight to defend their homes from the newest threat in the north – the Elder Dragon Jormag.
  19. Still one of my favorite movies of all time.
  20. Magesw


    One of the best RTS's I have played recently, reminds me of the good old days of Warcraft and C&C.
  21. This is only needed if you did not initially use the connect with Discord option when creating an account. After creating an account on the forums and logging in, click your name in the menu in the upper right side. In the drop down click "Account Settings". On the next page in the menu on the left click on "Discord Account" From there just follow the prompts to sync your account.
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