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  3. Our Conan Exiles server hit 6th in the world! Grats everyone!
  4. In order to report an abandoned base I am going to need three things from you! 1. TWO screenshots 2. CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+L in game and post what it gives you so I can TP to the abandoned base. 1st screenshot should be of the base itself. 2nd screenshot should be of where you are on the map. The TP info should look like this: TeleportPlayer 29836.603516 56289.054688 -7821.794434 I require the screenshots in case the TP doesn't work (yes it fails a lot)
  5. I make a copy of my server every time I add a new mod and configure it
  6. I will say i had it running on my personal server with 32 mods running concurrently and I had no issues, and this was back in November. If you want to test it out, you could copy the server files and load it in as a test to see if it works. It seems to have a conflict with certain mods, my guess is with how many objects there is to work with, it could potentially be matching an object id on certain other mods. If you'd like, i can post my old mod list for your perusal. I had all mods working with the exception of the issues i had occasionally with the bush people mods
  7. Good to hear, but can you offer any possible explanation how someone took out 100+ tier 2 walls/foundations yesterday without exploiting the jar bug?
  8. Wipe will prob be in the works once the exploits are squashed to clear inv of explosives yes.
  9. Same here, they used a shed load for relatively little gains I understand its not your fault, Im not getting too mad about it just changing the gameplay for a bit no push to tier 2 kit not and stick with iron and test buildings as tier 1 until fixed. Like you say its an Alpha and to be honest the best EA game I've ever played Dare i suggest another wipe once the bug is fixed though? given the game breaking issues this has caused.
  10. The thing is, even with our raid (I didn't see it so MAYBE they didn't jump glitch) but there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY someone had enough explosive jars to take down our entire base without abusing the jar exploit. That's just common sense.
  11. This mod does look great my concern is this: Last Update: Nov 28, 2015 @ 6:24am Mod author is obviously no longer updating it and tons has changed in the game code since 2015. This worries me too: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/544598236/490125103618142833/ and other comments made on the page itself.
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  13. Trust me I am as frustrated with these things as you are especially since as an admin I have no way to turn off explosives or anything of the sort, we are all in Funcom's hands now and I have to keep reminding myself it is just an ALPHA.... I am truly sorry.
  14. Well offline glitch raided last night, came in through ceiling used a load of explosives, nearly back to square one. I dont mind legit raids but this is getting stupid. any chance you can disable explosives until bug is fixed? What bugs me is the huge headstart these guys are getting using the glitch, (You could probably build a new T2 base from the amount of Metal and Bricks they pinched.)
  15. Unfortunately wasn't online on time to record it but it went on for quite a while. Oh well, moving on to a different server.
  16. Show me the video/screenshot of them doing it and it will be an instant ban, if you are referring to the raid they did on ExD between the screenshots from both parties involved and the raid stairs from the back that Tits used it was determined they did not exploit. No admin would let people exploit/hack/cheat on their server willingly unless they don't want to maintain pop. I will gladly and with a huge ban hammer ban any and all exploiters/hackers/cheaters if people give me the proof of them doing it.
  17. "TitsMcGee" is both jump glitching and explosive glitching to raid right now. Any plans on actually banning players from Bug abuse or is it fair game to abuse any bullshit until its fixed?
  18. Mostly what i was looking at with the storage mod was more appearance variety, not as much capacity-wise. Not a big deal though, i just like having more creative tools at my disposal, but that is what i have my personal server for
  19. Agreed on crafting speed, but it's also good to note that it only affects custom food and drink recipe crafting, and although the values get exponentially high, the rate of recovery never increases. so spamming a bunch of food versus 1 superfood won't make you heal faster, just longer. less spam clicking i guess Also, yes fortitude increase should definitely be higher, and i think 5 is a pretty good number. Torpor effects are just way too op, and there's not much in the way of countering it. it's pretty much almost a waste to invest in fortitude since you're going down anyways in no time flat, so the level-ups are better vested in more utility.
  20. not sure about your question, but the objects are destructible, and they don't have a lot of hp. they aren't harvest items either
  21. My opinions on these topics... Meat Spoilers: Early levels find this useful but with our server settings, tribes find that annoying green stuff is actually something we wish we could auto drop or filter out. It's really not needed. Egg Collectors: Not only does it make daily routine less of a drag for all but it reduces tribes from mass taming dinos to improve egg harvesting. Also, due to recent ARK updates, to properly harvest you really have to spread your egg layer dino groups out which makes putting them in pens difficult/impractical which in turn causes problems with the Passive Pen rules. Therefore I think this one is a must! Poop Collectors: Also a nice way to remove some grind in the game to allow for more enjoyable experiences. Grinding results in less time travelling the world which also results in lowered PVP action! So I like the idea of these tools to reduce grind. Some grind at least. Can't have everything for free; however, this one is not a big deal to have. hoping I can learn stasis components so I can implement these types of collectors into the DFC mod. ***Stacking Mods***: I have strong opinion toward extremely high stacks. So long as cooked meat and regular meat are preserved to stacks of 100. Lots of experience on other PVP servers that use both low and high stacks and found that high stacks makes the daily grind less annoying but has double edged sword like effect to the PVP side of things. One one hand, you can obviously have an easier time grabbing more resources from a single grab; however, since item weight is still in effect, it can really mess up a player who is not careful while raiding or fighting. Smash and grab can be risky if you do not pay attention to the weight you are about to pickup and can quickly result in a player being paralyzed while trying to drop the item in inventory that surprisingly carries a ton of weight! Allowing an enemy to have that extra time/chance to quickly attack while they try to fix the problem. therefore I love super high stacks! Crafting Speed Adjustment: So I did some research and not only does it improve speed but it actually has some effect on quality of items crafted that can be affected by this stat. I think boosting it is fine but a note of caution toward going too far. All we need is someone with a crafting stat that is super high and suddenly they are producing some really unbalanced equipment! Fortitude Adjustment: I agree, this one should be higher. The default +2.0 per increase is way too low and I have used this many times as my advantage to knocking people out. Hell I actually had a decent fort of 60 during last wipe and those bloody sick sticks still knock you out in one shot. Personally I would like to see an increase of 5 per level but that's me. All depends on how far we want to be able to defend against player v player tranq effect. This problem is so bad that during build of our custom bow, I had to add custom code to lower tranq damage vs players to ensure more balanced play. Love knocking out other players but I think it's crazy that you can knock someone out in Riot gear with just a couple punches to the face with a decent melee stat. lol Melee Adjustment: Hell no! It's good. Any higher and it's PVP breaking. I admit that before our additions, melee was more useless at higher levels due to rifles and such but our server re-vitalizes the melee stat to make it good at later levels. Increasing the stat rate would make melee too strong. the big problem before was a lack of ranged weapons that used the melee bonus which resulted in people not using it once high level. Now it's a combat style you can keep and use effectively. So no need to go boosting it. A cautionary crafting bonus example: Use the calculator on the wiki page to see the difference. Plug in a 100% Crafting Speed food item using 20 Raw Meat, 100 Mejo, 100 Narco, 100 Stim. You get a recipe that restores 33.5 Health, 24.1 Stamina, and 138.5 Food. Now change the Crafting Speed to 1130%. The same ingredients now restore 451.9 Health, 321.8 Stamina, and 1908.8 Food. Big difference right? Not saying this is bad at all but if your going to make use of this benefit, it should not come for free!
  22. Storage Item Improvements: We already have them, look in the Acutus Items. also, will add more as time passes, such as wall mounted stuff. Infinite Parachutes: Bad for PVP due to para spamming so probably not an option. Quetz should be hard to catch first time around. Part of the game to work your way up. Infinite Spears: Although nice and I agree makes life easy at start, is quickly useless. Infinite Grappling: Have it and making sure it's not easy to get. I will note that our server wishes to make it difficult to use gear that is daily life / grinding improved. That siad, as you grow in power, it should be that the smaller grindy stuff should phase out for other tribe needs. Torp Gun Mod: Used it before, it's hugely unbalanced in PVP. I mean super unbalanced! We added our own version of it instead and the paralyzer darts are also an alternative that ARK added. That mod is rediculous! I admit it was a lot of fun but also complete BS for PVP. Our tribe took alpha in no time due to insta knockouts at extreme range with tranq auto sniper! Seriously that mod has an option for 600 torpor damage for the auto sniper!?!?!? Mini Forges: Honestly, that's a good idea. I find the forge to be just way too bug and having one at a more realistic size would not be a huge problem for PVP. I will discuss with Mage concerning adding a more compact version. Bar in mind, pull resources would not work with it. Stargate Mod: So I am mixed on this one. I really want to have it... eventually. I will explain. (Had the pleasure of using this on other PVP/PVE servers). - PRO: Mod actually does not cause lag and use of the portals has no effect on the server. Only lag people experience with it is due to their own game rendering in the area. So performance wise it's awesome. I am actually impressed with the guys who made this one. They really knew what they were doing. - PRO: Really fun way to get around and makes your base excellent with the smaller teleporters. The mod also allows that all gates are publicly used (a must for PVP), and the gate shileds can be blocked from crafting (also a must for PVP) which makes creatign these beneficial to all but risky if you stick one in your base. - PRO: From my own expeirence on PVP servers, this made for some really interesting PVP strategies. Gate raiding, etc. - CON (the big problem that makes this un-acceptable): Currently there are quite a few exploits that can be used to get into enemy bases which makes this mod horrible for PVP. Constant admin rule enforcement was necessary to ensure fair play and it was a really big problem. the devs of this mod are working on these exploits to make it more PVP friendly. Until then I think this mod is out of the question. I pay attention to this one though and if they manage to fix some of the key issues you can be sure I will be the first one to start begging for this one! lol
  23. Egg N Poop Collector is now in Mature and egg rate is and has been : EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=25 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=25 Torp should be currently doubled as it has been PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[2]=2 Instead of the default 1
  24. Does anyone know if the items are safely placeable without completely covering other structures? S+ for example allows for partial coverage which is fine since you can always see/find some of it. Would not want players covering structures due to PVP raiding. Might add more excuses for players to blow up everything in site. I briefly checked mod page but no mention of placement details. Aside from that, if safely placeable, then this mod looks epic!
  25. We are actually designing our own mod to handle a good amount of the PVP balance. The aim being more raiding but harder to destroy entire bases or at least the interest in doing so is diminished by the want to target specific things to hit. IE upcoming tribute system. We also prefer alpha tribes have a harder time. Eventually favoring a voting system that nerfs high ranking tribes. Only small nerfs but should make smaller tribes more surviveable.
  26. Actually yes there is a server option for that. Normally would not turn it on because well that is highly exploitable too but until they actually patch this BS bug I may do that. EDIT: NVM found it...
  27. Terminous, Is there any possible way to make it so our Avatars do NOT stay in the world if the server DC's? People are abusing server crashes to kill people before they can reconnect. It's absolutely fucking retarded to lose steel sets to some guy punching you because the server crashed and they were able to reconnect first. Should be bannable as well, have the whole situation recorded.
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