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  3. From the album Mage's Stuff

  4. Hi there, guys! My name is Chris and I represent the Life Is Feudal Team. Now we are working on the unique game in its kind, called “Life is Feudal: MMO”. If you have already heard something about us, you should probably know that it is a real MMORPG in a medieval setting. It has all the features of a hardcore medieval sandbox: fully changing world, unique crafting and building system, political relations between guilds, epic sieges, glorious battles and much more. It's a massive, realistic and group-focused multiplayer sandbox and a medieval life experience. Now the game is on the Closed Beta Tests (CBT) stage and has limited access, but after the release each server will be open for more than 10,000 players! We will be delighted to see you guys among the participants of our upcoming Beta testrun. If you're interested, please, shoot us an e-mail on always-reply@lifeisfeudal.com Cheers!
  5. Silent Warriors are back in FFXIV and are looking to continue building our Free Company on Diablos. If you play FFXIV or are interested in playing then stop by our Discord channel and have a chat with us!
  6. We have launched our Ragnarok server! Look for us on the in-game server list! 6/12 Ragnarok PvP 5xXP/15xTame or add to steam favorites: Chat with us online on our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/01117BqiUvCRyDoRY This IS a PvP server! Offline Raid Protection: Enabled (via ARK ORP) SERVER RATES: Difficulty 5 Increased dino/player weight XP Multiplier – 5.0 Harvesting Multiplier – 5.0 Taming Multiplier – 15.0 Max Players Per Tribe – 10.0 Dino Count Multiplier – 1.5 Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier – 15.0 Baby Mature Speed Multiplier – 15.0 Third Person – Enabled Show Map Player Location – Enabled Food and water consumption halved Dedicated Server Specs Dual Xeon E5-2670 2.66GHz / 3.3GHz Turbo 16 Cores / 32 threads 32GB DDR3 RAM 480GB SSD WIPES: We try not to wipe unless there is a major update that changes many things like game play, map additions, patch screwed everything, etc...
  7. Server is fresh! Come stake a claim! (Only the PvP server)
  8. We have been on Jade Quarry since day one and have had a heavy hand in building JQ to its number one spot when the game went live. We have zero plans to move as JQ is as much part of us as we are a part of it. If you are on another server we have still managed to get members in even with the server saying "full". We DO NOT require all our members to be on JQ. It should also be noted we are currently emphasizing recruitment for those who have a more dedicated interest in raids, but still enjoy the other various aspects of the game as well. If team builds, open field engagements, and making a mark on the server you can be proud of is something that interests you, we definitely want you!
  9. From the album Mage's Stuff

  10. I've implemented a Trader Rating System. This will allow survivors to rate their transactions. You will be able to see the survivors Trader Rating throughout the forum and on their profile. Please note when giving your rating as either Buyer or Seller you are required to link to the original Topic of the trade. I hope this helps you guys out a little to weed the good from the bad!
  11. TSW has been around for a while now and across multiple games ranging from old school MOH:AA to Rift and beyond. We play anything and everything that catches our interest and host a wide range of players from the humblest casual to the most Elite troll. We expect our players to have fun, if that means you go around with your sole friend taking a casual stroll on some random planet awesome! However if you're one of those do or die bash your head against a brick wall progression types we welcome that too. We accept all kinds and welcome anyone willing to get their boots dirty be it PVE or PVP. Age restricted 18+
  12. It is no secret that I am deeply vested The Secret World. It is my favorite game, and I am fortunate enough to get to write about and stream it as well as play it regularly. So I care about its future. And now, that future includes Secret World Legends. There is so much about this whole reboot/rebrand thing that we don't know, and things we just can't quite conceptualize yet. That's why I was so glad Game Director Romain Amiel asked me if I wanted to sit down and chat about the game, tossing him all my questions. Boy, did I have questions! (He might have come to regret that last bit, but he did answer my huge list!) Obviously with only a couple of hours I couldn't learn everything there is to know, but here's the run down of everything I did. Also, there are a few more items that players will be happy to learn as soon as they are officially announced! I will say, that although there are some things I personally don't think I will like (though I think many will), I am much more optimistic and even excited about the whole situation. Secret World Legends is how we get to continue the story we've all be dying to experience. And devs seem committed to giving TSW players bonuses and perks in the new game, such as free weapon unlocks. Why? We all know something had to happen. We loved The Secret World, but in order to keep getting more TSW story goodness, it needed to bring in the funds. So change was necessary. As Amiel said, the reboot is the way to continue telling the story, and the team really want to tell this story! They wanted to continue making the game. And trust us, we want them to continue telling the story as well. Some might wonder, though, why such a drastic move? Amiel summed that up by saying: "It's the opportunity to fix so many things we wanted to do since before launch." He said that the original build tried to innovate too much all at the same time, and the game suffered for it. He went on to say that once the game was live, it was all about moving forward and getting more story out, especially as the story is the selling point of the game. However, that didn't afford the chance to stop and fix things like they wanted. And a system like combat has to be fixed from the ground up. This gave them the opportunity to fix, and Amiel is excited for how it all turned out. Beta bits A quick note about beta: We already know that closed beta invites have already started and that invites will be coming out in batches. Testers who jump in will have beta forums to communicate with devs (Amiel noted that devs will be very active there), and feedback will be essential and is encouraged. Other than that, however, mum's the word; players will be under a strict NDA. Basically, if you see me stop speculating, it means I am in! At the end of closed beta there will be a total wipe, then beta will open up to everyone. At that point no other wipes are anticipated. Combat changes: Ability wheel One of the biggest questions on people's minds is how does combat change. Since this was one of the biggest turn offs for many, it's going to be a make-or-break point for a number of folks. If you like action combat, you will probably be pretty pleased. I will honestly say that after hearing everything, I am saddened because this is the type of combat I hate to play. But, I've always preached that the game was worth it for its stellar storytelling and atmosphere even if there is an aspect or two you aren't in love with, and so it is still totally worth it to me to play even if I'm finally in the group that doesn't like the combat. So let's define what is different and what is staying the same. Let me start by saying that the ability wheel itself is gone: The physical manifestation of the wheel no longer exists. However, the ability to choose whatever abilities you want in whatever weapons you want is still there. Amiel said it was crucial that players could still make their own deck how they wanted. The difference is that now the interface is a page instead of a wheel. As attached to the wheel as I am, I have to say after seeing this weapon page I believe I shall be a fan of it. Amiel discussed how one of the biggest turn offs to new folks was how overwhelming the wheel was, so making things simpler and less confusing was the team's goal. And these weapon pages are less cluttered, easier to see everything at a glance, and allow you to track progress better. Basically, every weapon has a page accessed via tabs on the left, and each weapon page will have a tab for active abilities and one for passive abilities. (Auxiliary weapons also have a tab there, but we aren't discussing those yet.) There are fewer abilities, but Amiel emphasized that the ones that were pruned were filler abilities that no one used -- players just bought them on the way to the abilities they wanted. He explained that the abilities are sorted into three progression paths: damage, uniqueness (like healing), and group build. However, choosing one path does not prohibit you from choosing another; you still earn the AP to unlock whatever you want (that is next in line) on whatever weapon you want that you've unlocked. Your level will have no bearing on which abilities you can select, just how much AP you have and which weapons you have unlocked will. Now, about passives. These abilities are split into two categories. One is the passives that are locked to the specific weapon and can only be used (and benefit) that weapon. The other category is global passives. These are passives which become permanent, always-active buffs on your character regardless of what weapons you use. If you wondered what reason people might have to unlock other weapons than the ones they prefer, this is it. Another quick note about the weapon pages: There is also an expertise level associated with each weapon, and using that weapon will increase your expertise. Having a higher expertise then translates to being able to use the weapon better, which means you get higher bonuses the more you use that weapon. To start out, players will choose a deck to play, sort of a class. I hesitate to use the word class because players are not locked into that at all. The starter deck/profession/class will grant the player access to the two weapons for free as well as the clothing deck reward. (To earn all other deck outfits players will have to complete those weapon pages.) Although all TSW players who link their accounts will have every weapon unlocked for free, everyone else will need to actually purchase each additional weapon unlock. Fortunately, since currencies are tradeable, folks can also purchase the necessary currency to buy unlocks from other players using currency they have gained through playing. Combat changes: The fight So here's the part I personally hate: Combat is now action combat with a forced reticle. Your primary weapon attack will be the left mouse button and your secondary weapon will be the right mouse button. Dodging will be via an action button instead of double-clicking a movement key. Potions and food will also have a place on the hotbar, and even mounts will have an easy access spot in the new UI. Amiel said that the focus was on making combat more interesting and engaging. As such, each weapon has its own identity, a gimmick you could say to make playing it feel unique compared to the others. It wasn't about just making different animations, but making it feel different. He also emphasized that the main ability is stronger than before. The actual fighting will be using the mouse buttons as well as special abilities you add to the number keys. Movement is by WASD, and the mouse will turn your view. Players will have the ability to rebind to a configuration they prefer. On the subject of fighting, there's also some cool news incoming about dungeons, so we'll have to keep an eye out for that announcement to be made. Possibly the best part of the fight is the conclusion when you receive your reward loot, right? Amiel described how the loot mechanic was changing. All players who participate in a kill (grouped or not, there is no mob locking) will receive their own individual reward. Players can compare their loot and trade, or they can keep anything they want to use in the new gear mechanic. Gear changes That brings us to another change: gear. Amiel explained that gear upgrades are done differently now. Basically you can find a green item in Kingsmouth that you love and you can just feed it other gear to level it. In time, your favorite items can become blue, purple, and even legendary. So the gear you begin with can grow with you throughout the game. Thankfully, gear items and appearance clothing remain completely separate systems. In fact, Amiel said that the dressing room interface has been revamped. He said it is improved dramatically, making it much easier to use; it's easier to see what you own and even how to get what you don't own yet. As for the Aegis system, Amiel stated, "It's been improved and made a lot more fun, but more information about it will come with the release of Tokyo." Let there be levels Another concern folks have is the change to levels. Amiel said that the game always had levels, they were just invisible. Zombies in Kingsmouth were decidedly easier to kill (lower level) than vampires in The Shadowy Forest. The difference now is that those levels will actually be noted on mobs and characters; folks will see in a glance if they are of an appropriate power range to take on any certain encounter. One reason for this change was because of an inherent flaw that came with the completely open choose-whatever-I-want system. Amiel explained that there were many instances where, in choosing to spend their ability and skill points in certain ways, some players actually seriously hampered their ability to play. Basically, they messed themselves up by not giving themselves the tools they needed to move on. This would cause great frustration and the game lost players. With this level system, players will get boosts in HP and such as they level, making sure they have the minimal tools available to continue their journey. If this can help people from slamming full force into the Blue Mountain wall and quitting the game, it will be a good change. Players can still help friends of any level, and being over-leveled should not hinder the lower level as loot is personal. As a side note, I also learned that there will be the requisite "you leveled!" ding and animation. Amiel told me it is an anima burst and an announcement. I can only pray it is very muted, because that kind of fanfare would totally and completely detract from the setting for me. I do not want a light show heralding my new power! I can understand others like that though, so perhaps an option to turn that completely off could be a part of it. PvP changes PvP may not be a focal point of TSW, but it is a part of it. So how will PvP be handled in SWL? Amiel said that to start, likely only Shambala will be available. He said the movement is away from faction PvP. The team will be taking feedback as to how to fix and implement the other battlegrounds, so be sure to add your feedback on the beta forums when you get in!
  13. https://secretworldlegends.com/ http://massivelyop.com/2017/04/01/exclusive-interview-romain-amiel-on-secret-world-legends-story-monetization-membership-tokyo-and-more/ Don't miss the first part of our Romain Amiel interview from yesterday! Did you get your fill of Secret World Legends answers from the first half of our exclusive interview with Game Director Romain Amiel? Us neither. Luckily, we have the scoop on much more regarding the Secret World reboot. (Hey, we did mention we had lots of questions!) Here, Amiel focuses on the story and the missions, monetization, transferring your favorite cosmetics, content releases, optimization, and more. Keep reading to learn the 411. Story changes Don't panic! Nothing has been taken away from the story. In fact, it has been added to. Amiel described how in some places you move to the next part of the main story mission without even knowing why -- you just do. Illustrating with the example of Egypt, he noted that bits have been added to make it clearer why players must move from one place to another The basic story is the same, and the awesome cut scenes are the same, there's just more. Whew. How about the other missions? Amiel stated that there was absolutely no change to investigation missions (Yay!). Action missions, however, are another story. He explained that the changes in those involve bringing the action closer, so people were not running all over the map to complete those missions. The idea is to reduce downtime of just running around to get to objectives. Since the old system had players ending one mission near the start of another, I asked how this will affect folks finding the scattered missions. Amiel explained that there are many new missions added that lend to exploring the world. Although many of the missions haven't changed, how players will access them has. Amiel noted that folks will use a key to talk to NPCs instead of clicking the floating mission icon near NPCs' heads. Investigating and using all items will also be a key press. Monetization We've already discussed some forms of monetization (weapon page unlocks), but folks are understandably nervous about being nickel-and-dimed since the story content itself will be forever free. How exactly will Funcom make its money? From the vanity and convenience items as well as subscriptions. But that doesn;t mean players have to spend money to play or get anything in the game; Amiel explained that players will absolutely be able to get all the things in the game without forking over cash. He said there will be two types of currency -- the one you buy for cash and the one you earn for play time in the game. Amiel did note that there may be some slight differences to things such as vanity items in the store that can be gotten by the two currencies, but since the currencies are tradeable, players can make deals with one another to get particular items. But of course, the game keeps running on getting cash, so everyone who wants the game to continue wants some folks to support it financially. You can do that via ala cart purchases or by subscribing. Membership benefits Although Amiel said he couldn't elaborate too much on what the specifics of the patron benefits are (as they are still being worked out), he did emphasize that it was similar to now and that the team was committed to making the membership enticing. Bonuses like players receive in TSW (XP, currency, etc) are pretty much a given. He said to watch for a blog that will appear as soon as it all gets ironed out. Will patrons and grandmasters earn more of the special currency used to buy all the extra goodies in the item store? That is highly likely. Remember, however, that Bonus Points have to be spent in TSW and do not transfer over. You also might want to consider spending them before SWL launches if you want to carry over specific vanity items since you can only carry over stuff you have unlocked (most likely as of the moment you link the accounts). You can take it with you After nearly five years, many players have accumulated a number of items that they certainly don't want to lose. The good news is that many items will transfer over to the new game. Amiel emphasized that anything bought from the store, gifted to you, obtained in a bag, or earned exclusively will be transferred. That means all those pets and mounts and outfits you worked so hard to acquire will stay with you. The vanity items that won't transfer are the ones that are earned via missions and possibly from achievements. One reason is that you can earn them again! It is important at this time to note that for things to transfer, they need to be claimed on your character. If you are like me and haven't added some pets to your collection (because you couldn't decide which alt to give them to), you need to get them out of your bag and into your collection in order to transfer. It looks like the system will take a snapshot of what you own -- across all characters, not just one -- when you link your accounts. So click them and get them out of your bags, or try and quickly sell what you don't want to give others the chance to enjoy having them. There's no real benefit to holding on to anything if you plan on playing Secret World Legends and want your goodies there. Also, lucky coins will not transfer, but anything you buy with them will. So if you want to use them and get items to take with you, you will have to make your purchases before linking your accounts. Still achievements and lore Speaking of achievements, I'll mention that achievements have been reworked, but that there are still many of the same ones. I don't have any more specific details until I can look at them in the beta -- and then I can't tell you! I also confirmed that lore is still a thing, as is the Museum of the Occult. The lore, however, could have moved (there goes all my work on my bestiary guide!). When will Tokyo hit? Since the game is launching without Tokyo, I had to ask how long it would be before we saw that playfield. Although he couldn't give a time frame, Amiel said it would be very soon after launch. Tokyo is not a part of Secret World Legends' launch not because it isn't done but because it will be opened again by The Whispering Tide event. Now don't panic: Amiel assured that this time the event won't stretch over multiple months. However, it was a big part of opening Tokyo and a part of the story progression. That's actually good news for anyone who missed it the first time around. In discussing updates, Amiel shared that the team has very aggressive release plans after launch. Throughout the interview, he spoke many times about how much the team wants to continue the story, and the focus is the story, so hopefully we won't have to wait terribly long to get to the next big chapter of season 2! Playing both games This may not affect many people, but it affects a couple friends and I. If you have any unredeemed Steam keys for the game, you will want to make sure they are redeemed before the launch of Secret World Legends. At that time you will not longer be able to redeem the codes and will have wasted any money you spent. Once you have redeemed them, however, you will be able to download TSW from the official site and play it from there without having to buy any other copy, just follow the instructions on the site. Amiel did note that the sale of The Secret World would possibly cease completely, so once SWL is out there will be no way for anyone to try the original unless they already own it. It is also likely that no DLCs will be available anymore either. However, this is not a sure thing, but I wouldn't count on it. Better optimization! I just had to throw this one out there. Amiel stated that a whole bunch of optimization has been done, so the game can run better. The new system requirements have not been detailed, but if you could run TSW before, you can run SWL; it should even run better. It will also likely run better because only about 10 people will be allowed on each playfield. That is significantly less than the 60 or so from before. This also means that you are less likely to run across strangers in your adventuring (which can be a boon if you'd ever had to deal with people coming and messing up certain missions by clicking items out of order). But wait, what about those big event world bosses we needed a huge crowd in order to down? Will we still have anniversary golems and golden weeks? Amiel said not to worry, the world bosses -- and all their loot -- are not going away. Instead, the large fights will be in special playfields built for large groups, much like the Flappy raid from The Whispering Tide in Agartha. Speaking of areas for large groups and Agartha, Amiel also said that Agartha was revamped. It will be easier to navigate and will have special sections designed for folks to congregate, from raiders to roleplayers. I have to admit, I am really curious to see that latter one!
  14. Server is wiped and fresh! Now on The Island so we get all the new stuff right away! Check mods at http://mods.swgaming.com
  15. From the album Mage's Stuff

  16. Just hanging around doing stuff together as a guild on a giant cat!
  17. Choose your side in this faction-based survival game, pitting groups of players against each other amid hordes of horrific demons in an ongoing epic war. Explore a mysterious and unforgiving world as you race against the clock to achieve victory before you are wiped from existence! Overview: This hybrid survival game summons players to align with one of three factions before they’re dropped into a beautiful, but brutal fantasy world where they must strategically team up with other players and friends to battle enemy creatures and rival factions in a relentless, competitive race towards ascension. Featuring PvP and PvE, Rend challenges the traditional survival game blueprint with the introduction of player factions, RPG elements, win/loss conditions and massive, culminating war experiences never before witnessed by players in this genre. In Rend, players choose how they interact and participate in the world, and are immediately connected to a larger community that creates a place and purpose for every type of player. Key Features: Three Player Factions: During character creation, players immediately choose to align with one ofthree in-game communities, including the sly and cunning Conclave (purple faction), the proud and brutal Order (orange faction) or the mystical and intelligent Revenant (green faction). The factions engage in all-out war in a competitive race from humble beginnings to awe-inspiring heights of power in a harrowing struggle for survival and domination Choose How You Play: In the game, players must race against opposing factions to gather the lost souls of Rend and deliver them to The Creator. Players decide how they will contribute and participate within the game ecosystem – from harvesting, gathering or crafting roles to more intense assassin, soldier and hunter role options. Regardless of play style, there is a role, place and purpose for every type of player. The World Tree & Divinity Stone: Each faction's progress is marked by the World Tree, tracking lost spirits collected and stored within each Divinity Stone. Located within the roots of the World Tree, this giant crystal stores the lost souls gathered by players. Once enough souls have transferred to a faction’s Divinity Stone, that faction ascends and is officially declared the winner. If a faction’s Divinity Stone is destroyed, that faction is wiped off the server until another faction achieves victory or all are destroyed. Massive, Culminating Experiences: Every week, during a server event called The Reckoning, players must join forces to strategically align and plan how their faction will protect and defend their base and Divinity Stone. The Reckoning takes place at a pre-determined time advertised during server selection. When this takes place, the magical shields protecting each faction’s base will lower, making them susceptible to enemy attacks from creatures – the Lost – and other player factions. With each subsequent reckoning, the Lost creatures will grow stronger and more powerful forcing each faction to rethink their strategy. Server Lifecycle & Meta Progression: After a winning faction is declared or all factions are wiped off a server, participating players will receive rewards in the form of meta-progression points. These points can be spent on subsequent sessions on that server to unlock further customization and progression options for new characters. For players who find that the win/loss cycle is not for them, private servers options will be available that present a multitude of rule set options allowing them to the experience everything they (and their friends) are looking for in the game. Dynamic Environments: The land of Rend is a proving ground with a real-time environment featuring a day-to- night cycle, weather, temperature survival and an idyllic nature that gives way to hunting creatures while players stalk and fight each other for resources. Players will be challenged as they explore the mysteriously beautiful and brutal environments of Rend – from majestic grassland valleys and an uncompromising cave system to a dangerous, frozen hellscape area called the Eternal Wastelands that holds powerful fabled artifacts (and creatures). With each area having its own specific resources and perils, players will be able to find the level of challenge that appeals to them. Weapons: Rend utilizes a tight and responsive shooter-style combat system featuring a wide array of weapon types. As players use different weapons, they will increase their skill and eventually unlock customization paths to specialize in different uses of that weapon. For example, a player who is highly experienced with bows may choose between a more stationary, long-range sniper role, dealing massive damage in a single shot or a quick and tenacious hunter role capable of hounding and chasing down targets on the run. Players can further customize their play style with weapon modifications, adding lights, scopes, addition clip capacity, and more. Talent System: Players can decide how they will customize their character and experiences to match their play style and needs of their faction through a deep talent system. Players can explore being an Assassin, Survivalist, Soldier, or Mystic. Each role is accompanied by an extensive skill tree that allows players to build a unique set of capabilities to set themselves apart from everyone else Skill System: In Rend, players can continue to customize their experience further as they skill up their progression for in-game activities like harvesting, crafting, weaponry, hunting, magic, armor, exploring unforgiving areas of the game and more. Players can carve out unique and vital roles within their faction as they specialize in the activities they enjoy most. Base Building: Each faction must construct a base of operations to call home. Crafting and research stations, resource refineries, storage spaces and more will be housed inside a defensive fortress architected by players in the faction. During The Reckoning, factions will be called upon to protect their base against the Lost and enemy player factions. If the Divinity Stone in the center is destroyed, that faction is wiped from the server. Future Features: Rend will continue to expand to include more features and content as requested by the player community, including more creatures, weapons, game systems, spells, skills, customization options, game modes, and additional custom server options This game looks awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on it! - Mage The Devs: http://www.frostkeep.com/ Get it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/547860/
  18. My in-game name is : Healshot Add me and will play
  19. Here is the best video about the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rpl2QLD7KEE
  20. Here is the new content coming out march 13th: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94kj8Z7rw4o
  21. RO Forums: https://ro.my.com/forum/thread/40894-na-murdoc-silent-warriors-global-pvx-18-discord-military-friendly/ https://ro.my.com/forum/guilds/clan/446-silent-warriors/
  22. Silent Warriors has a guild established on the Murdoc NA server. To join us either apply in game from the Join Guild menu or drop into our Discord channel and request an invite! https://discord.gg/HwsRcnT
  23. Our Revelation Online guild is growing rapidly and we are looking for more members! Currently taking any level. We are on Murdoc NA server.
  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSUf-2KLpwg So if anyone is interested hit me up here or on discord. Next update will be hitting the servers for legendary on 13, then for epic they get access 14 and explorer get access on the 15th. July 17th is launch day for the game! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHFh1lR9Rdw
  25. What is Albion Online? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKb8NPs5YDY Albion Online | Action-Packed PVP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z-MGo5n6k4 Albion Online | You Are What You Wear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVFJenxzkaQ
  26. Fresh map come stake a claim!
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